Sunday, August 1, 2010


Summer is the perfect time to experiment and I want to try some pickles. I found a "refrigerator" pickle recipe, no boiling or steaming, all that jazz. Hot ingredients and glass containers make me super nervous. Just all the vinegars and spices to the jarred cut cucumber and pop in the fridge. The recipe I found called for a lot of brown sugar, so after a day in the fridge I added more vinegar. It's all an experiment. I had enough for four jars, so two were dill, one garlic and one habanero.

So far they have absorbed all the spices, vinegars and are crunchy and tasty. I figure they can sit and stew for a while to develop full flavor, but the habanero pickles are SUPER HOT!!! Awesome! I love experiments and so far, so good. A great summer so far!

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