Thursday, May 21, 2009

10 more things i hate

you know, it just felt sooo good i had to do it again

1. bees-ok, i am allergic and will probably die if you bastards sting me, so please, please leave the hive you have created under my balcony. this white girl needs a tan and you are screwing it up.

2. pete wentz-i just had to, again.

3. my ex-boyfriend's mother-seriously lady, you are freud 101 when it comes to emasculating, overbearing mothers. stop paying his rent, stop calling him every 5 minutes, stop getting between him and every girl he gets (or tries to) be with. he is almost 40. and he's the only one of your children that still talks to you. i will see you in hell.

4. bunnies-not cute. you are usless creatures, along with guinea pigs, hamsters, etc. oh, but you are delicious in stew. see, when you bit me on my 11 year old boob years ago, i have HATED your kind ever since.

5. squirrels-stay out of my garden!!! i used to feed your sorry asses peanuts in the winter so you wouldn't starve, respect me.

6. manny ramirez-you, sir, are one big asshole. single-handedly responsible for baseball players wearing enormous uniforms now. what??? you are no trendsetter. i want tight pants on ballplayers. tight, get it??

7. my downstairs neighbor-i love dogs, lady, but really hate yours. do you really let them crap in your apartment?? it sure smells like it. lysol does not cover all evils. oh, and p.s. i totally respect the fact that your man is in the military and all, but he has been home for months!!!! take down the welcome home sign before i do.

8. ups-ok, your drivers are always totally hot, but leaving that little tag on my window is just not trying. i didn't hear you ring the buzzer.

9. terrorists-there is no god, you fucking morons. dead is dead. your efforts are all in vain. let us have the world peace we so desperately strive for.

10. the casino bus to atlantic city-look, greyhound or nj transit, please set your standards higher. i need this bus to visit my peeps in ac, and getting my money back is an awesome deal. but your are one nasty ass ride.

top 10 things i hate

this blog is not moving along very well, so i figured i would just vent. here is my top 10 list

1. pete wentz-i HATE you. stop populating the planet with your offspring and horrible, pseudo-hipster music. lose the eyelier. dickhead.

2. the corner of 212st and 23rd ave, bayside, queens-there is a school across the street, you idiots. stop driving like mad just to get to the cross island parkway and rush home to long island. or bayside for that matter.

3. walbaums in bay terrace shopping center, bayside, queens-you are waaay, too expensive to be serious. and your "self-checkout" line is not working. EVER.

4. bayside, queens-no, wait, i take that back, bayside. i love your lexus-driving, tennis-playing, stuck-up polo shirt wearing snobbery. and i just love taking 1.5 hours out of my day to get to manhattan.

5. pete wentz-i really do hope i run into you someday, pete wentz.

6. the preschool teacher at my roomate's preschools daughter's class-come on lady, do you have to bitch me out every time i drop off/pick up this kid?? EVERYTIME??? just cause she doesn't always have a snack or nap blanket is not my fault. i am usually hungover or not awake or both. doesn't that fact that i show up in my pj's, no matter what time of day it is tip you off?? get off my jock.

7. people that only form one line at the checkout counter when there are 4-5 cashiers open at any given time-yes, i will move ahead of all you idiotic lemmings to get my parliament lights. this mostly applies to the walgreens on 14th street and every check cashing place everywhere.

8. unemployment-why did it take a month for me to get my money??? which i blew in one day on

9. the g train-you suck, g train. greenpoint is way off the subway map. thanks for letting my boyfriend use this excuse everytime he doesn't come over. and being the shortest train the mta has to offer. you have such penis envy.

10. pete wentz-looking like a 13 year old girl who shoplifts eyeliner makes me rue the day you were born.

i am soo boring

haven't posted anything recently, but have been seriously enjoying THE best blogs ever...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

testing date and time

it's too bad that sometimes I don't know what day it is, let alone my computer...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ft Totten

Last week I took my little other little buddies (my girlfriend's kids) to Ft Totten, a great park here in Queens. We took a nature walk, and discovered all kinds of wonderful things. We pulled up spring onions to plant in our garden, and walked along the trails. We got so tired out and the walk home took quite a while but it was a nice time. I usually rollerblade here, but one path is along the Cross Island, which is an extremely busy highway. Turn your ipod up loud!

Monday, May 11, 2009

art and science fair

This past Saturday was the school art & science fair, so the buddy and I went. It is his last year at this school so it was a big deal. We had a great time, he made goop and oragami, we painted a tote bag together and he made me a tye-dye tshirt. Both of these he gave me for Mother's Day, very sweet! It was a really good weekend, weatherwise not bad, and had a nice sushi breakfast his dad made for us on Mom's Day. Here are some pics!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Had the best Mother's Day weekend with my boy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

my babies

here are my happy little babies...thriving plants are a good sign of a happy household. i am addicted to plants! or obsessed could be the better word. i love going to the farmers market at union square, chatting with the sellers and being immersed in wonderful greeness. there we can support lots of local farms and i have found buddies there that i like to frequent. so this is just a little glimpse...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

cherry tomatoes

it's spring and wonderfully rainy and time for planting. i am hoping to have a successful balcony-garden this summer, and am going to start with tomatoes. little bitty cherry tomatoes. i read a great tip to use an egg carton to start sprouts indoors. cut the top off the carton, poke holes in the bottom of each little cup, add potting soil, whatever seeds you want to use and cover with more soil and water. use the top of the carton as a tray. keep soil moist, and once sprouted, re-plant outdoors. hopefully as easy as it sounds. we'll see!! the pics are not top-quality as they are from a cameraphone, but you get the idea.

mermaid pictures

just some pretty mermaid pictures that i love...