Friday, August 27, 2010

Beer Can Chicken

Yes, you read it can chicken. Sounds delicious already, in a redneck kinda way. Well, it's simple. Fire up the grill, rub down a whole chicken with any rub you like, open a beer can and plunk that bird right down on top.

Steady there, bird! We used a little olive oil and a Caribbean barbecue rub and a can of Miller Lite. You MUST open the can. Otherwise that bird will shoot off your grill like some crazy molotov cocktail. It's science, people. Anyway, open the can and pour a bit out. Into a glass to drink, if you prefer. Place it carefully onto your hot grill so it stands up.

There are some contraptions you can buy to make it stand up, but you can use those legs as leverage. See?

About an hour and half for a four pound chicken. Doesn't it look delicious? Well, maybe not in that position, or..I'm just not gonna go there. It's really quite easy. Here's a good link from Steve Raichlen, of BBQ University fame.

All done! It comes out wonderfully juicy. Some wing and breast meat, chicken rice (I cheated and used packaged) and my yummy jalapeno pickles. Try it, use that grill while you can this summer!

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