Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lucy the Elephant!

I love Lucy! There is a wonderful elephant that lives along the beach in Margate, NJ, and her name is Lucy. When I was a wee lass my granny used to take me to visit her, and in turn, I now take my little buddy. He was three the first time, and even though he is a big guy now we had to stop by and visit Lucy on a recent trip to the wonderful (South) Jersey Shore.

Lucy has a very interesting history. She was a tourist attraction to sell real estate to vacationing Philadelphians, a hotel and even a home for a while. You can read all about her wonderful history here: Now Lucy is 129 years old and still lookin' good! She has been through a major saving/restoration in the mid 70's, and that's when I first saw her. Now she requires some upkeep, and the people who volunteer to work for her definitely love her, you can feel it.

Here's Lucy looking out to sea...

The beautiful view of Margate beach when you look out her eye...

My buddy and me visiting Lucy...

Lighted steps lead you inside...

This is what Lucy sees everyday and shows to all her happy visitors. No trip to south Jersey can be complete without saying hi to Lucy. Go visit her. Guaranteed that you and her will love it! Happy Summer!


  1. this is an Excellent post - I will find the Lucy pictures and share them with you - as long as you can keep sharing Lucy - I have been a few times myself but I havent been in 9 years.....

  2. I haven't seen Lucy in years! I grew up in Philly and spent many a summer on the Jersey shore...

    Great photos!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Dog-Oh, please post those, thanhs!

    Tom-You are welcome! Funny, I was born in Philly & grew up on the Jersey Shore. Small world!

  4. Love the Here's Lucy looking out to sea photo. Sounds like a great trip!