Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lady Jane

I am a sup-duper Anglophile. Have no idea why. One of my grannys could barley contain herself when seeing or hearing of a Brit. She was Irish to the bone. I love her dearly, but never could share that kinda passion, instead I became obsessed with anything British, especially the Tudor period. My favorite of all is Lady Jane Grey. Tragic! You can read all about her here: Also, Alison Weir, a fantastic writer of many, many books on the Tudors, good old Henry the VIII, Elizabeth and so on, wrote a fiction book about Jane called Innocent Traitor. She was basically a pawn used by her father and other powerful men to restore the Protestant reign. Only nine days Queen, then beheaded for treason. I think it is unfortunate that she is never listed in any history as being the queen at all, however short her reign. I think I spend too much time surfing Wikipedia, but whatever!

Some pretty pictures of Jane...

I think this one is really beautiful...

So read up on her and enjoy. Who doesn't love a good, sad, tragic tale whilst having a spot of tea?

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