Sunday, April 3, 2011

Puppy Love

My better half and I have been contemplating getting a dog for some time, but didn't want to get a dog just to have one.We have been patient and not impetuous, not wanting just to get a dog just to "own a dog". We went to our nearest shelter, the wonderful Animal Care League in Oak Park. We told the ultra friendly staff we were interested in adopting, and was told they only had two puppies. Ok, we shall see! The second we went to the cages I laid eyes on, and totally fell in love with, this little creature.

I was hooked! We got to speak at length about the adoption process, our living conditions, past pet-owernership experiences, etc. then we got playtime with her and I just knew we had to have her. She took to us so quickly and lovingly, the staff was impressed. We decided at once and Dave went off to fill out an hour's worth of paperwork. I just absolutely fell in love with her, and when you know, you know. So welcome home Shelby!

 First dinner at home!

 Napsies after a loooong walk.

 Settling in!

 She jumped on me and was licking my face, a happy girl :)

Can't wait to wake up to her tomorrow, it will be like Christmas. The most wonderful thing you can do in adopting a pet is to seek out your nearest shelter first. Much thanks to the wonderful people at The Animal Care League. Very thorough, loving, and caring pet people who only want the best for these little guys.

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