Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ode to an Airstream Trailer

I have been living here in Forest Park, IL for about nine months or so. In those nine months I have seen this Airstream trailer on my daily walk. Always parked in the same spot, it has never been moved as far as I can tell. Always in the same spot, always a shiny silver, always beckoning. I want this trailer. I want to ask whomever owns it if they want to sell it. They don't seem to be using it. I keep hoping I will see the owner loitering around it so I may ask them. I keep looking for a "For Sale" sign to be taped to the window. I expect to wake up one morning (it's owner somehow knows how much I desire it) and find this silver lightning parked in front of my house, a big banner bearing the words "the open road belongs to you, adventurous one!". Oh, thudding silver beat of my heart, if you belonged to me, we could go such places!

I would drive you to the loveliest of mountain ranges in this here U.S. of A. We would head down to the Sangre De Christo Mountains in New Mexico.

 Smell that sage, breathe that chile smoke-infused air. There is nothing to compare.

This is the door to our future, just picture your satiny sleekness speeding us towards it!

Or, perhaps we can bump, jump and roll on down U.S. 1 to Key West, Florida.

Swaying palms wave hello at our arrival. We are wrapped in lustrous, sweet humidity, birds chirping, waves crashing. We've reached the "End of The Line" you and I. And couldn't be happier.

Maybe a cooler climate would appeal. Crisp, sunny summers, cold, wet Maritime winters. I haven't been there yet, but Prince Edward Island sounds lovely indeed. I have always wanted to visit, and I see an adventure up ahead, my sterling beast of comfort!

Look at those flowers! I could pick a few, some for me, some for you!

Until then, I will walk past you, parked, untouched, and lonely. Don't worry, my darling glassy gas guzzler, I'll have you yet.

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