Monday, April 18, 2011

G is for Gravlax

New Scandinavian Cooking is one of my favorite cooking shows. That cute host Andreas is so enthusiastic about everything and makes it look so easy, I just want to follow him around Norway in search of cheeses and little fishies and cook with him on a boat. But, alas, that is not an option, so I decided to attempt to make gravlax at home, with travels to Norway in my heart.

I went with smaller pieces of salmon, covered in equal parts salt and sugar, and lots of dill.

The salmon was wrapped in plastic wrap, then placed between two plates with a weight on top. I've read different recipes where it may be kept like this in the fridge to preserve for 48 hours, or 3-4 days. I kept mine in for 4 days just to be sure it was cured, and a little nibble proved me correct.

After wiping off the salt, sugar and dill it's ready to be sliced and served.

Mustard dill sauce, radish spread, pumpernickel bread, capers, lemon, chopped cucumber, onion and tomato. Also a can of smoked sprats, very delicious!

 Little bites to nibble on.

By all accounts the salmon was pretty tasty, and I definitely want to attempt it again. Here's a great site where I found tips and the radish spread recipe, in addition to lots of other fish delicacies.

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