Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scrapple, Pork Roll and other regional food delights!

I was always very interested in regional foods. There are favorites you grew up with, then local foods you might eat on a trip somewhere. It's a neat way to experience the local culture and maybe learn a little history too. My all-time favorite is Scrapple. What on earth is that, one might ask. Pork products and cornmeal, all fried up! It is a Pennsylvania Dutch food, and according to Wikipedia, "the first pork food invented in America". Learn all about it here: My grandmother worked as a teen at the Scrapple factory in Philly, and would never touch it!

Special delivery! After a recent trip to South Jersey left me still craving another taste, I ordered some Scrapple and Taylor Pork Roll (another fantastic pork delight). Pork Roll is sliced ham that is fried and delicious too, mostly used in sandwiches. A true "Jersey Breakfast"! Here's Pork Roll's link:

Which one do I eat first?!

I decided to go with Scrapple for a late breakfast.

This is how I like my Scrapple, a couple fried slices with an egg. Ketchup is a pretty common accompaniment to go along with Scrapple.

Since I was on a "Regional Food Kick" I found a great website to order Irish and British foods: I wanted to be able to enjoy the teas I had in Ireland, home to a dear friend of mine. Irish/British foods have some really great names like Yorkshire Pudding, Spotted Dick, Digestives (cookies!). The website is really fun to read.

Just perfect for a spot of tea!

I even ordered some Vegemite, definitely an acquired taste, but I like it.  Next time you are in the supermarket, take a look at some brands you wouldn't normally try. Check the labels and see what is made locally, support your local business! And if something is considered "international food" go online and check that out too. Enjoy!


  1. Ooooohhhhh... Scrapple!

    I'd kill for scrapple and Taylor pork roll!

    The local supermarket here carried it for a very short time and I bought all I could fit into my freezer... That stockpile is now run dry and I've been trying unsuccessfully to get them to carry it again.

    PG Tips is an British tea I love and I have to order that from the UK... And I brought some Vegemite back home with me from my Trip to Australia in May. It is an acquired taste, but I do like it. The trick with it is a little goes a long way.

    Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  2. You are welcome! Heavy on the scrapple, very light on the Vegimite!