Saturday, September 18, 2010

Damn you, Iron Chef!

Watched Iron Chef USA the other night and it was battle truffle. Oh, my goodness! I am a big fan of Iron Chef, i used to watch it way back when on the Japanese channel in NYC when it was shown in Japanese with no subtitles. That was fun, guessing the ingredients AND what they were saying. Now we have an American version and it was truffles. I was drooling the entire program and went to the supermarket the next day to buy some truffle oil, all I could afford. They are costly little buggers. But it led me to desire a nice romantic dinner on a lovely Friday evening...

A simple cheese plate to start...

Squash blossoms! So pretty and delicious...


squash blossom production line...

Crispy, salty flowers!

Angel hair pasta with white truffle oil and parmesan, squash blossoms and tomatoes with sea salt and truffle oil
A lovely Friday night dinner.


  1. stuff the squash blossoms with left over rice and cheese before frying - or use ricotta, mozzarella and parmesean cheeses only - or try seafood, shrimp and crab is delicious -

    I need votes starting on September 20th - spread the word..

  2. I need more votes

  3. Thanks Cesc, it smelled and tasted wonderful!