Thursday, May 21, 2009

top 10 things i hate

this blog is not moving along very well, so i figured i would just vent. here is my top 10 list

1. pete wentz-i HATE you. stop populating the planet with your offspring and horrible, pseudo-hipster music. lose the eyelier. dickhead.

2. the corner of 212st and 23rd ave, bayside, queens-there is a school across the street, you idiots. stop driving like mad just to get to the cross island parkway and rush home to long island. or bayside for that matter.

3. walbaums in bay terrace shopping center, bayside, queens-you are waaay, too expensive to be serious. and your "self-checkout" line is not working. EVER.

4. bayside, queens-no, wait, i take that back, bayside. i love your lexus-driving, tennis-playing, stuck-up polo shirt wearing snobbery. and i just love taking 1.5 hours out of my day to get to manhattan.

5. pete wentz-i really do hope i run into you someday, pete wentz.

6. the preschool teacher at my roomate's preschools daughter's class-come on lady, do you have to bitch me out every time i drop off/pick up this kid?? EVERYTIME??? just cause she doesn't always have a snack or nap blanket is not my fault. i am usually hungover or not awake or both. doesn't that fact that i show up in my pj's, no matter what time of day it is tip you off?? get off my jock.

7. people that only form one line at the checkout counter when there are 4-5 cashiers open at any given time-yes, i will move ahead of all you idiotic lemmings to get my parliament lights. this mostly applies to the walgreens on 14th street and every check cashing place everywhere.

8. unemployment-why did it take a month for me to get my money??? which i blew in one day on

9. the g train-you suck, g train. greenpoint is way off the subway map. thanks for letting my boyfriend use this excuse everytime he doesn't come over. and being the shortest train the mta has to offer. you have such penis envy.

10. pete wentz-looking like a 13 year old girl who shoplifts eyeliner makes me rue the day you were born.


  1. So does that mean he won A. Idol? I have been busy, and do not watch it...sometimes venting is good...

  2. no but he looks just that guy! american idol needs to stp. now

  3. what are you the joan rivers of blogs now?

  4. sounds like someone doesnt know who pete is - american idol?