Sunday, May 3, 2009

cherry tomatoes

it's spring and wonderfully rainy and time for planting. i am hoping to have a successful balcony-garden this summer, and am going to start with tomatoes. little bitty cherry tomatoes. i read a great tip to use an egg carton to start sprouts indoors. cut the top off the carton, poke holes in the bottom of each little cup, add potting soil, whatever seeds you want to use and cover with more soil and water. use the top of the carton as a tray. keep soil moist, and once sprouted, re-plant outdoors. hopefully as easy as it sounds. we'll see!! the pics are not top-quality as they are from a cameraphone, but you get the idea.


  1. the cardboard egg cartons work best as they can breathe - I have some exotic tomato seeds I ordered - black tomatoes, orange ones - things like that.....

  2. We were just discussing planting from seeds at a wine tasting event I was at today...look forward to seeing yours grow...