Sunday, August 2, 2009

hot dogs!!!

it's a rainy sunday and i am recovering from a bout with icky food poisioning. from old chinese food, nonetheless. never was a fan, don't know what led me to it! that being said, am getting back to normal. the one food item that always whets my whistle is the good old american hot dog. does it really exist anywhere else? well, guess food poisioning tales and mention of food might not whet anyone else's whistle, but when i get back into full mode i will be sooo hungry for one of are some favorites. top is me at nyc rooftop bbq with a yummy hotdog made by doggybloggy. then, gene and jude's in chicagoland. totally a fan!!! next but certainly not least, grey's papya here in good old nyc. can't beat that!

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