Thursday, July 2, 2009

are you being served?? rip mollie sudgen!

it seems that mollie sudgen, or mrs slocombe to you, missus, has passed away. i absolutely love her in are you being served? one of the best of british telly! i wonder who will care for her "pussy" now? that's pussycat, kittens. in these days of celebrities dropping like flies, i am sad to see mollie go

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  1. I love that show and her!

    hey I just saw your comment on my cultural art expression site, so sorry for not commenting until now...yes I know of doggybloggy, never hear his work...I run this event in New Jersey, and we have grown...we are beginning to do events around the area and creating more awareness for its come back...spoken word has been in the weeds for years now...thanks! Hope all is good...